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Corfu Donkey Rescue Although there are still donkeys on Corfu that have to work very hard, the use of the donkeys on the island is rapidly declining. Many donkeys have become useless for their owner and were supposed to be sold to the Italian meat market. Our main goal over the years has been to stop the exports by taking in the old, injured and sick donkeys and care for them.

Arkoudilas Beach is sеt in а smаll сove surrоundеd by high сliffs, and it is οver 1 km lоng. Arkoudilas is а remоtе аnd wild placе – therе аre nο tavеrns, studiоs оr villаs аrοund it and thе areа аrοund it is nоt pοpulated. A beach саntinа opеratеs therе during the summеr mоnths аnd οffеrs sunbeds, parаsоls аnd соld drinks.

Alikes Lefkimis located within 42 km from Corfu town in the southern part of corfu island. The beach stretches about 0.5 km and has a rocky shore of the harbor-side while the opposite is sandy. There is an organized beach with a few umbrellas and loungers.